Rules and regulations IAS aspirants in Chennai should know

IAS is a prestigious service, the examination qualifying candidates to become IAS officers is scrutinized to select appropriate candidates for the position. To get through the exam, it is important for the candidates to put in maximum efforts and hard work, but luck also plays a major role. It is important for aspirants to adhere to the rules and regulations set by Chinmaya IAS Academy

  • The candidates interested in taking up the IAS coaching in Chennai are advised to pay the fees only if they are satisfied with the inquiries and get answers to all their queries
  • It is possible to change the optional subject only within seven days from when the classes start. 
  • Before taking a leave from the coaching centre in Chennai, it is important for the candidates to seek permission.
  • IAS aspirants should keep in mind that they will not get a refund of the fee under any situation.
  • It is important to maintain discipline both inside and outside the institute
  • Mandatory to carry the identity card that has been issued by the institute while attending classes.
  • The training academy in Chennai has the right to change the teacher, venue or timetable of classes as per their preferences.
  • Classes will start only after they reach a minimum number of students enroll in each batch.
  • All these rules and regulations should be decided by the managing director or head of the academy
Audience of Chinmaya IAS Academy carrier guidance programme at Chennai